Zuleika & The Strange Bean

Stop-motion Video

This project I worked with Julie Paschkis. She illustrates children books, designs fabric and makes quilts.

Julie needs a stop motion animation that includes her paper dolls. It should be simple, bordering on “freeform”, but effective and fun and also has a “hand-made” look and feel.

To meet Julie’s goals, I recommend an animation that is not to exceed 2 minutes long and 12 fps. I will take the photographs of Julie’s dolls, compile them in to a 2 minutes animation. It will be maintain cohesive and consistent story and style.

Zuleika & The Strange Bean 

Once there was a girl named Zuleika

She met the old man with a long beard

In his beard there was a bean

Zuleika took the bean

and planted it on the warm earth

it grew…

and grew…

My roles

  • Animation | Photoshoot


  • Premiere | After Effects


  • Julie Paschkis


  • 3 weeks