Wondering Magazine Process

Typography |Layout


Wondering is inflight magazine.

Wondering’s signature travel piece offers readers an experiential, in-depth and exceptionally vivid look at some of the world’s great destinations. Tag along with locals and trend-setters as they visit must-see attractions and uncover hidden gems. Each month, Wondering presents a colorful, comprehensive feature package that takes a seasonal look at stand-out places, people, and things of selected country.

My role

Typography | Visual Design


Photoshop | Illustrator | inDesign




About 10 weeks


As well as long-flight experience, I understand what flight passengers want and need. Before I start to make Wondering magazine, I want to make a travel magazine like a book of stories about global culture, lifestyle trends, food and drink. Storytelling will make passengers feel comfortable during their trip.


Vietnam is where I was born and grew up. I want to bring our stories of people and culture to the world.

I made a trip to Vietnam for 2 months, visited different cities and learned about people and culture in Vietnam. It took 3 weeks to collect all articles and images, and 10 weeks to combine everything together in Wondering Magazine. 

Wondering magazine should  be my travel journal in Vietnam


I spent  2 months traveling in Vietnam to look, touch and feel Vietnam. Surprisingly, I realized that it is a totally different “color” from North to South Vietnam.

When I got back to Seattle, I looked  at all photos I took and stories I collected. I make a moodboard, table of content and  layout the magazine

Rich Media Content Mapping