Visible Layers Process

Branding & Identity | Visual Design


Visible Layer is the headline of the Seattle Animation Film Festival (SAFF) 2017

Tag line “Cut, Paste, Animate”

SAFF is organized by Seattle Experimental Animation team. It held annually at Northwest Film Forum.

My role

Brand Identity | Visual Design |Logo Design | Concept Director


Photoshop | Illustrator | After Effects




About 5 weeks


Today, Computer animation becomes popular because it encompasses both static scenes and dynamic images. Modern computer animation usually uses 3D computer graphics, although 2D computer graphics are still used for stylistic, low bandwidth, and faster real-time renderings.

Therefore, some people forget  about traditional animation technique, especially cutout animation which is producing stop-animations by using flat characters overlap on each other and  backgrounds.

How can I get attention and strong campaign for SAFF 2017?


I would like to combine traditional and modern animation technique in  the festival.

“Visible Layers” and “cut-paste-animate” taglines represented how the animate movie was made which is the technique of overlapping  images, illustrations and time frames to make the characters move .

I was inspired by cutout animation, I will animate flat characters and show them  in different layers.


Logo & Typeface

For crossing multi-media, Gotham family and Coluna font will be a good choice to use  for the primary and secondary typeface.

Create a new SAFF logo 2017 to match with the theme of the event and also with the chosen typeface.

Same Design in Difference Form

Make different layout and font size to ensure it works on different layout from billboard into web banner.

Alternative Marketing

Design a full wallpaper for elevator with the concept of “layers in layers” to match with the brand “Visible Layers”

Magazine Ad Series

Also, for crossing-multimedia purpose, I put the link to QR code in magazine ad series for reader can scan and it will guide them to a short video as a teaser of the event and show the website link at the end to bring user to website to learn  more details.