Salmon Pho Process

Motion Graphic Designer | Project Manager | Art director


Everybody loves  Pho. Pho broth is normally cooked  5-6 hours with beef bones and spices. However, salmon pho takes  only 90 minutes to prepare and cook, fast and easy.

“Salmon Pho” sounds strange but it’s actually good

Originally recipe is written by chef Didier Corlou

My role

Project Manager | Concept Director | Motion Graphic


Premiere Pro | After Effect


Amanda Umberger


About 3 weeks


It’s my 1st professional cooking tutorial with adding animation for the text.

The biggest  challenge for this project is timing

The video should be due in 3 weeks, including communicate with filmer about the concept, shooting video, editing, add animation for the text


I’m lucky to work with Amanda Umberger. She is a professional photographer. She works fast and  reliable.  She always keeps  track of my timeline.

Project was completed in 3 weeks.

I also learned  that for 1 hour cooking, it takes 6 hours to make a tutorial video.



Read and understand recipe/ process / timeline

Make a Storyboard with specific notes about how camera angels /lighting should be placed

Working with photographer/filmer

Shooting day & Editing video

6 hours for shooting video
All gears we used for shooting day: 2 cameras, 4 led lights, and 2 tripods.

Tittle Sketch