Office Nomads Window Graphic

Environmental Design | Illustration

Office Nomads is the 1st coworking space in Capitol Hill, Seattle. During the time I was doing intern for Kanawha studio, I worked at Office Nomads for a while. In my opinion, Office Nomads is really an exceptional coworking space. As their tagline “ individually without isolation”, you become part of a group of independent workers who face similar issues and have a diverse set of skills to meet any task, you will have an opportunity to both provide and receive support.

However,  unlike their quality and value of the coworking community, the exterior of the building is rather faint, hard to recognize and hidden from the Capitol Hill neighborhood.

I noticed that there are large windows in the front of the building, and I thought it was an advantage to design something related to their brand and also draw the attention of anyone passing the building.

I made a few moodboards, had a meeting with Office Nomads team to ask them about their statement, build a mind map, and listen to ON members thoughts for inspiration.

The design should be simple but eye-catching, friendly and welcoming. Also, it’s related to ON statement, such as co-working | work | connect | support

My design is a caricature of activities inside the Office Nomads by illustrated characters. I don’t want to cover the whole window by a big and solid white graphic, I used line drawing for my design to keep it clean and simple. The audience can see whole the graphic from a distance, and when they get closer to the building, they can look inside to see the activity of the co-working space.

My role

  • Visual designer | Illustrator | Concept Designer


  • Office Nomads - Coworking Space


  • Illustrator


  • N/A


  • About 8 weeks