Nestle Purina VR Training Kiosk

Integrate Virtual Reality for Training and Communications


Project Narrative

The user dons their Oculus Quest and is immediately greeted with Nestlé Purina branding that prompts them to define their “play space.” Once the boundaries are drawn, they will enter the Nestlé Purina VR Training Kiosk.
Upon entering, the user will see an empty 3D pedestal in the center of the 360° Nestlé Purina branded space. Beyond the pedestal they will see 1 visually enticing “content door” and hear voice over (VO) that prompts them to use their controller to open the door to interact with the individual learning modules within.
After using their controller to select or “open” the “content door” a transition animation transforms the space to align with the “content door” subject matter’s look and feel. The user will see the empty 3D pedestal in the middle of their space and beyond the pedestal will see a visual icon/sign that indicates the content for 1 specific training module and hear VO that prompts them to use their controller to select the visual icon/sign to enter the training experience.
Upon selecting the module, the space will transform and the previously empty 3D pedestal will now house a 3D model that represents the main content of the training module (for ex. a bag of Pro Plan dog food, a can of Fancy Feast wet cat food, or a jug of Tidy Cats kitty litter). Beyond the pedestal the user will see a tiled set of modules that house the training content and hear VO that prompts them to enter them.
Training module content types include:

  • Text/static image-based documents
  • Video files
  • Image files
  • Audio files

The user can enter and exit each of these training modules as they please. The transition method for each content type (document, audio, video, image) will always be applied in the same way for consistency.
This is a Proof of Concept (POC) focused primarily on the UI/UX of the VR Training Kiosk application to ensure the look and feel of the experience is as desired before backend development occurs in a subsequent phase.

My role

Lead Designer


Adobe Suite | Rhino 5 | Oculus Quest

My Team

1 Project Manager
1 Lead Designer
1 3D Modeler
1 Unity Developer


Phase 1: 6 weeks – 2020
Phase 2: 6 weeks – 2021


User Flow | Moodboard | Lighting Setting | Screens Orientation

Screen Layout in 3D Environment

UI Flow

Video Demonstration