Hidden Urban Gems Deck & AR Tokens Process

Packaging | 3D Modeling | Fabrication


Hidden urban gems deck and Wayfare app  provide an interactive game which turns the whole city into a  game board and leads you on a fun and engaging walk around the city to explore hidden spots.

Especially, you will get Augment Reality (AR) token like “your own trophy” at every spot. By using Wayfare app to scan the tokens, 3D models of the landmarks will pop-up in your phone and you can interact with it, such as move, rotate and resize.

It would be fun if you can share with friends about your trip while they are interacting with 3D models from those tokens.

My role

3D Modeling | Fabrication


Illustrator |  Rhino |  Laser cut




About 3 weeks


Make a hidden urban gem deck packaging stand out on  the shelf.

Link tokens to 3D models. When scanned by the application, the token enables the visualization of the 3D models of the landmark.


Hidden urban gems deck is a clean and modern design.

Instruction included inside and outside of the deck. There are 4 simple and easy steps to follow

Do some  testing to ensure the token’s scannable, and adjust the size of the 3D models.


Build Playing Cards


Urban Garden Gems Deck will include name of the city where the player can play the game, simple instruction and 20 informative hidden spots cards

Color & layout

Front of the card will be gold foil for name of places and outlines of the landmarks  in black background.

Back of the card will be the name, location and information about the places in black text and white background, including a logo of the city


Packaging & Laser cut

3D Models & AR Tokens

The token represents for a trophy if players can find a hidden place by using WAYFARE app and the card.

Especially, the token is a augmented reality tracker which turn the landmarks into 3D models in their phone if they scan the token by WAYFARE app.

It’s unique, memorable and shareable.

I build all the landmarks to 3D models in Rhinoceros and turn them to tracker in Augment App.

For the tracker, I paint the background to blue to get the contrast which will be easier to read by the app.