Bentogram Box Process

Fabrication | Industrial Design


Bentogram box is a  hologram projector kit, which is can be bought at any toy store and allows you to build your hologram projector at home.

There are  Pyramid and Z hologram.

Pyramid Hologram is able to show a video in 4 sides but the area to display the video is small.

Z hologram shows  the images better by expanding the height between the base and the screen to place the glass screen at 45 degrees between the base and the projector or digital screen

My role

3D Modeling | 3D Print | Industrial Design


Rhino | 3D Printer.




About 4 weeks


Learn hologram technique

Explore using  the 3D model and 3D print to design and create a Bentogram Kit


It’s a practical experience to design on 3D model in Rhino and create a physical item by 3D printer.


Sketch and physical dimension of Bentogram box

Build it in Rhino

Print in 3D printer