[Special topic 1] Project Timeline

3D printing (2 weeks)

-Design back of the clear case for Samsung Galaxy S6-

1st week:

  • Talk with Ed’s to get some recommendation about Makerbot 3D printer
  • Research and watch tutorials
  • Sketch design

2nd week

  • Scan and sketch on Adobe Illustrator
  • Create STL file for the design
  • Print it out
  • Test on the phone case
  • Complete Project 1

Hologram projector (3 weeks)

1st & 2nd week

  • Do research and make a hologram projector (iPad size)
  • Test the projector by download already made video online

2nd & 3rd week

  • Design my own animation to show
  • If I don’t have enough time, just move on and do it another time (during break probably)

Making a cooking tutorial with AE typography (5 weeks)

1st week:

  • Brainstorm
  • Write/draw storyboard

2nd week

  • Start to learn typography in AE as what I need it to be in video (it would be the same time when Erik teach about AE)
  • Equipment list
  • Shooting

3rd and 4th weeks

  • AE typography learning
  • Video editing

5th week

  • Review, feedback, and editing

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