Nestle Purina Factory Tour

Using Virtual Reality Tours to Improve Training Protocols and Retention



As a global leader in pet food manufacturing, Nestlé Purina has several factories located throughout the globe. Sales staff are required to stay on top of the latest manufacturing innovations that Nestlé Purina deploys to ensure they can properly communicate the value proposition that only Nestlé Purina can deliver on.

Factory tours for the sales staff require significant advanced planning and the allocation of factory staff for explanation and safety. Additionally, factory visits require costly travel.

My role

Lead Designer


Adobe Suite | Oculus Quest

My Team

1 Project Manager
1 Lead Designer
2 360 Video Producers
1 Unity Developer


12 weeks


Partnering with Nestlé Purina to design and build a mobile virtual reality application, enabling sales staff to experience virtual tours of factories, immersing them in the environment with 360-degree views and taking them step-by-step through the manufacturing process. Utilizing virtual reality was able to help Nestlé Purina train their staff on the latest manufacturing processes at scale.


By providing a VR factory tour at new staff orientations, Nestlé Purina was able to asynchronously train employees, maintain the manufacturing staff’s focus on production and dramatically save on travel costs.




Style Guide & Style Tile

Video Placement Direction & User Flow

Video Demonstration

Post Production