Baked Matcha Donut Popup Book Process

Illustration | Photoshop | Fabrication,


Unlike any cookbook on  the market, Baked Matcha Donut popup book will give a new experience of three-dimensional or movable cookbook which include colorful illustrations and also  pop-ups,transformations, tunnel books,  flaps, pull-tabs,pop-outs, pull-downs, and more, each of which performs in a different manner.

My role

Visual Design | Fabrication | Illustration


Photoshop | X-actor knife




About 2 weeks


How to give instructions to someone for preparing a particular dish by reading a recipe. Recipe represents a story of cooking. It’s not easy to make someone can understand and complete a dish if you are not good at storytelling and logically layout of the recipe process.


Reading through the recipe, analysis into a small part and re-layout them in pop up book. I wonder how to be a good story teller. 

It was fun to explore more about paper engineering, all about glue, cutting, stiff card stock. and also folding, pulling to make movable papers.