Z-Hologram Projector_Upgrade Bentogram Box

I made a Bentogram box, Hologram Projector Kit from last 3 months. It works well, the graphic and video present  nicely on the 4 sides of the screen

What is Bentogram box? Click here

What should be change in upgrade version?

The sample videos on youtube don’t really match with the bentogram screen (overlap of images)

It’s better present better in dark room (lighting or darker acrylic plastic)

The height of screen’s limited and it’s hard to see the images (how to change the angle of the screen to make it more visual)

Z-hologram Projector could be a solution?

Z-hologram technique is often used in stage performance, which is the combination of visual graphic effect on the singer/artist.



2b13d590248d27a4438f2112629fa42f_Technical_Retractable-Foil-11-1100-c 3D-Musion-Eyeliner-Foil-Holographic-Reflection-Film-up-to-10-meter-high






The Z-screen can be higher than Pyramid one. It can expand more space of the presentation screen and show the images better

It will be see only 1 side instead of 4 sides. However, it can be good advantage in order to black out the background and show the images more

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