[Special Topic 1] Project 2 Completed and Report

Design Packaging for 


Hologram Technique

Designed in Rhino

Printed on 3D Makerbot (~50 hours for 3 parts of design)




3D Hologram Projector Kit

Why I change my original idea about making hologram projector for fun experiment into design a package for hologram projector kit?

After I had done research about Hologram technique, I found that many DIY tutorials to make pyramid hologram projector for smartphone. It was really easy to make, I could use anything in my house to make it, such as my phone, glue gun and CD Case.

However, it wouldn’t give me a high quality image when I used CD case as my refection screen. I went to hardware stores and ordered on Amazon to get a clear acrylic plexiglass sheet and some supplies to build my projector which look “fancier” and HQ images

As the same time a crazy idea jumped out of my head, why I don’t make a hologram projector kit which’s including everything they need to build their own hologram projector without go anywhere to buy what they need.

Where “Bentogram” comes from?03

It’s basically combine of Bento and Hologram

Bento is named of Japanese Lunch Box which is a set of stacking boxes. It’s convenience and good size for people can carry around.

set of stacking boxes” + “convenience” + “good size” => it’s all features of my hologram projector kit.


Timing process


After 1st project, I designed back of my phone case by using Rhino and Makerbot printer

At 1st, I design my kit based on iPad mini but the size’s larger than Makerbot can print. I changed a bit to fix my phone size.

For 2nd project, it’s a good opportunity to learn deeply about Rhino, and solve the problems while I’m using 3D printer. (as you can see some of my previous posts)

2 big parts took me almost 37 hours and 2 small parts took 7 hours. (Yeahh, I know LOL)

It took me 3 days to color it.


The result


Bentogram Box is a black box and touch of cherry red. Name of product was “colored” by gold leaves. It looks great as I want it to be.

However, I’m not really happy when I used it to show my hologram video on. It doesn’t look great as I want it. I think if I had more time, I could make my own hologram video which is I can design specific location as I want it to be on the screen, it will show a lot better than the video already made.

Moreover, I will upgrade Bentogram from pyramid hologram to be Z- hologram  soon.









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