[Special Topic 1] Project 2 Completed and Report

Design Packaging for  HOLOGRAM PROJECTOR Hologram Technique Designed in Rhino Printed on 3D Makerbot (~50 hours for 3 parts of design) ———————————————- BENTOGRAM BOX 3D Hologram Projector Kit Why I change my original idea about making hologram projector for fun experiment into design a package for hologram projector kit? After I had done research about Hologram technique, […]

[ST] Design ad for SCCA Open House

The target audience will be “inner-child” students who’s the 1st time come to SCCA in open house day. SCCA programs will help them to make their dream come true. Concept: “Be on top or be success” is always our goal in the future. Also, Graphic Design or Photograph programs are on the top floor. “Always rises to the TOP […]

[Special Topic 1] Makerbot 3D printer

  Design a Back Phone Case for Samsung Galaxy S6 from Scratch using Rhino and Makerbot Printer   I spoke with Ed who’s using Makerbot 3D printer before and get some his experiences. Some notes and link suggestion: Makerbot printer reads *.STL format Thingiverse Tinkercad rhino3d Learn Makerbot 3D printer on Lynda Next step (updated […]