“How to make SALMON PHO”_Cooking Tutorial

It’s been a long time I haven’t updated my blog. However, my 3 final weeks at SCCA is really productive. I have done my 100 pages magazine, branding for Seattle Animation Film Festival (SAFF) Campaign,  short animation teaser for SAFF, and 4 mins cooking tutorial with After effect.

It was really busy week, I’m unable to update blog belong my process of each project. I will try to do it next quarter and it would be cool to look back all steps to finish it.

Today, I just show my final work, it won’t too many details but it will enough to cover how I finish it



  1. Storyboard
    The most important thing to make video’s make a storyboard to show what I want,  make sure whole story goes smooth and match to recipe.
  2. Work with photographer/filmer
    Fortunately, I found Amanda who is 2nd year photograph student. She has a good experience about camera angle and lighting after a year study filming and taking photo in Commercial Photograph Program at SCCA
    It’s the second time I work with her but I think this time we are more professional photographer and designer. It’s really like a real work, and real visual communication
    at 1st meeting, as a designer and director, I showed her my storyboard and video samples like a “lighting and camera views moodboard” to her. As a professional film maker and foodie person, she understood my concept, and she know clearly what equipment she needs to prepare for shooting day.
    She gave me shooting list after 3 days
  3. While I was waiting to get shooting list, I made a list for extra shot I want during filming and a Aftereffect list what and where I need to add animation
  4. Shooting day (6 hours shooting)
    We decided shot video on Saturday before Thanksgiving. I was surprised when she brought all equipment for shooting: 2 cameras, 4 led lights, and 2 tripods. I was so excited how professional it is.
    After shooting, she helped me edit video because she think she’s really good at Premiere and edit process will be faster. My goal is video editing should be done before Thanksgiving break. I can add after effect during break time
    Exactly what she said,she gave me the video after 2 day shooting, it was not a final cut but 90% done. I was happy and felt lucky to have her as my filmer.
  5. Process
    base on the Ae list, I know exactly what I want in my video. I did research, watched a lot tutorial and practice on After Effect for my video. After 9 days, the video already added animation, ready to render and preview.
    After everything in place, Amanda and I had second meeting for add music and sound effect.
    Finally, we are done after 3 weeks shooting, and editing.
  6. Here we go: my 1st cooking tutorial

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