“game change”

My original idea:

Build a hologram display with 7 feet height and 5 feet wide.

The sketch design was below. 
Hologram display

The TV will be placed on the top and the pyramid glass will places under TV where the images showed on.

Screen Shot 2016-05-02 at 10.16.53 AM

After research, I wonder the stand’s able to hold 100 lbs TV or not. I talked with Marc and he showed me a color view station in the store room, it have ever used for long time but it’s heavy and stable.



I’m thinking I can make this table work for my hologram display. Instead of using pyramid hologram, I’m gonna use Z hologram like the one I just done currently.

cvs color view


But it’s a big one [yes] , I need someone work with heavy duty stuff like that. I talked with David about that, he often work with some project like that.

It’s totally durable.  David and Marc will help me to build something to hold the TV on the top. Then the table will be painted in black and I will measure the table and decide the angle of the glass I will place it on.

What I gonna present in there?

since both 5124 and 5126 class have some 3D models, what we have done for Katie and Eduard’s project. I want animate them in to a loop video like a live show and present them in the show.

I will post on facebook more specific detail after the display station already build up.

Looking forward to make it work








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