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Book-it Repertory Theatre, which is the organization transform great literature into great theatre, they are also partnership of theatre, literature, education nourishes literacy and the artistic vitality. Target audience should be Mostly female. Teen & up who like novel, drama, fiction, romance/love stories.

2015 marks the 200th Anniversary of publication of Emma. Jane Austen fans are celebrating with Austen themed events all over the world. Jane Austen wrote Emma in 1815 and Book-It is thrilled to celebrate this special anniversary and the holidays Regency England-style.

The original poster’s presented the love story of Emma and Mr. Knightley. However, it’s not only a love story, it’s also the story about Emma character who is beautiful, rich, smart and independence women in Victoria Era

Graphic Elements & Color

The main colors of the original poster are shades of blue, turquoise, green.

The designer was inspired on the Victorian style on his/her design such as stripes, floush ornament design, blended vintage texture on the top of the design. In distance, it seems nice and bold. At close look, it doesn’t look right, the color doesn’t match with the story or the Victorian style, 2 characters image look bad because it were blended with the vintage texture and  why they use the compass image behind the main character


The original poster is using 3 typeface, Script (hand-written), Serif and Sans Serif. But the serif one doesn’t look good on the poster compare with others. It also wasn’t placed right position


Make this poster’s visual impact stronger:

  • Reduce/remove texture of actor/actress face.
  • Remove the hidden compass in the background
  • Shades of blue’s not really work with the plot of the story, even the poster doesn’t present personality of the Emma.

Graphic style could best serve the poster’s message

  • The Victorian era is known for its interpretation and eclectic revival of historic styles mixed with the introduction of middle east and Asian influences

Final Results:

Organization: Book-it Repertory Theatre

Poster tittle: Jane Austen’s Emma

Target Audience: 13+, mostly female. Also, Jane Austen’s fans who already read Emma.

Improved Concept:

Using Modern Victorian Inspired style to present who Emma is (a beautiful, clever, rich and independent woman in Victoria Era), get attention from feminine audiences, and give a new and modern look for novelty poster.

How is your concept stronger than the original?

My concept is more related to the plot, main character, and the time period when the story happens

What I kept and why I kept each element:

I keep the title “Emma”, which is also the name of main character, should be bold and get attention from who already read Emma or Jane’s fan

What I changed:

Color, typeface and graphic.

What I eliminated:

Actor/actress photo

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