“game change”

My original idea: Build a hologram display with 7 feet height and 5 feet wide. The sketch design was below.  The TV will be placed on the top and the pyramid glass will places under TV where the images showed on. After research, I wonder the stand’s able to hold 100 lbs TV or not. […]

Z-Hologram completed

Phase 1: Build a base After researching how Z-hologram works, I learned that angel of the glass and the base will be 45 degrees, and the height of the screen will be get higher than pyramid style. Therefore, Z hologram show the images better than pyramid. Phase 2: Sketch, Vectorize, build 3D model and 3D […]

Hologram Proposals for Portshowlio ’16

HOLOGRAPHIC ILLUSION for WELCOMING TO THE PORTSHOWLIO Location: dark area at the Main Elevator (West) Materials: Projector, see-though screen (bridal mesh, fine gauze, mosquito net, scrim) Content: video and animation in black background, such as logo, people, etc Est. Measurement: W 4.5 ft and H 9-12ft How to make it work     HOLOGRAM PROJECTOR DISPLAY […]

Timeline for 6 weeks_Last Special Topics

I will do 2 small projects which need to complete in 6 weeks. 1st project: Complete Ezell’s branding guide book. 2nd project: Upgrade hologram projector.   TIMELINE:  Week 1 (4/4) 1st project: Research more about Z-Hologram Projector 2nd project: Add the contents in the guide book (already setup  inDesign) Week 2 (4/11) 1st project: Start to […]

Emma_ Redesign Poster

. Book-it Repertory Theatre, which is the organization transform great literature into great theatre, they are also partnership of theatre, literature, education nourishes literacy and the artistic vitality. Target audience should be Mostly female. Teen & up who like novel, drama, fiction, romance/love stories. 2015 marks the 200th Anniversary of publication of Emma. Jane Austen fans […]

[Special Topic 2] Branding

For special topic this quarter, Tracey and I will be a branding team for Bones and Bourbon restaurant. Tracey will be focused on illustrations and web design. I will be focused on industrial design which is more about technical skills, using Laser print and 3D print. (e.g, bottles, jars, silverware, cooking tools, etc). Both of us will […]