3D models, Augment Reality Technique & UX design.

Actually, there are creating 3D models in Rhino 5, using Augment Reality technique, using 3D print, laser cut and learning to be a UX design for Augment extension app in 5 weeks???.

It sounds impossible. Yes, it really was. But I think I did a good job for final presentation, even I don’t have much time for myself and blogging but it should be OK if I blog whole process in one post (I feel exhausted after done the whole project by myself). Here you go.




—-Brand Standard & Statement—

WAYFAREbrand standard

—-Hidden Urban Gems Deck—

Hidden urban germ deck is including more than 20 cards which shows different hidden urban location where you are traveling. The deck will be  interactive with the WAYFARE app to provide the travelers an augmented reality, give them a view of physical, real-world environment.

The deck will be sold at 20 big cities around the USA. Travelers can find them easily at bookstores, attraction spot, hotels, or any convenient stores.

The deck includes instruction which is clear and simplify steps (4). The travelers easy to follow and adaptable app to use it on their phone.

hidden urban deck



—-A Journey of Ken & WAYFARE App—

Ken was really excited to make a trip to Seattle for the 1st time. He went to the popular attractions in Seattle. After 2 days, he was getting bored because nothing attract to him anymore. He was wandering downtown Seattle, and decided tpo Barne & Noble bookstore to get some book. At Pacific NW shelf, he found a hidden urban gems deck, it’s really attract him because how simple it is compare with other sources at the same shelf. He was curious and bought the deck. The journey just start……..



—-Where did Ken go?—

He had been 5 different locations that day and he got 5 tokens every destination which is interactive with the app the pull 3D models out from the screen.

map02 map01

—-3D models & environment—

The fun part is the player will have a token like a souvenir when they achieve their destination. They can bring home and show with their family, friends about their journey. Also, they can get another deck in another city to play

model&environment02 model&environment03 model&environment01

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